Verification of Wiki accounts.

You may have noticed that wikis are asking you to verify your accounts. If you don't your wikis will become Private and people will be only able to view them if they are invited by email. So you need to make them public.

Click on Settings - Permissions and click on YOU MUST VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT

Click on Verify by Phone and add you phone number.

When the account has been verified, go to your wiki and

Click on Settings - Permissions

Click on Protected which will make your wiki 'Public' but only you can edit.

Click Update.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.31.50 am.png

Why should we have blogs and wikis?
A few people have asked me how I made this diagram. I have created it in Inspiration and then exported it as a jpeg.What are Blogs and Wikis being used for?

I found this link on Richard Byrne's blog 'Blogs, Wikis or Docs. What is right for your lesson. A comparison table'

Where do you start with Wikis and Blogs?
Beginning Wikis

First Steps to Blogging