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Changing Themes and Colours

Change the colours of your side panels and Title bars. Change which side your Navigation Bar appears.

Change Wikispace Logo

Remove the flowerpot in the top left hand corner and replace it with a graphic of your own.

Change the Navigation Panel

When you first start a Wiki the Navigation Panel inserts your new pages in the order that you create them. Reorganise your Navigation Panel so that the pages are in the order you want.

Adding a list of student names

This will go in your navigation panel and will provide each student with their own wikipage

Adding Images

adding pictures and photos to your wiki pages and how to manipulate them

Add new links to your Navigation Panel

How to add links to new pages from your navigation panel

Insert a New Page

how to insert pages into your wiki

Editing your First Page

First steps to starting your first page. How to change font, style, colour and size.

Change to a teacher account

If your wiki is showing adverts, then you will need to request an upgrade


What are widgets, what do you use them for?

Rename a page

Change the name of a page or add to the name (hint: adding a year date)

Hyperlink text to Websites

How to hyperlink words in your wiki page to link to other websites or pages in your wiki

Adding a Table

how to set up a table and insert text and pictures

Insert a Movie

how to insert a Youtube movie with no related movies playing after

Undo Pages/History

lost all the content of your page? Made a major mistake and wish you could go back? Use the Undo Pages/History to revert to an earlier version


Create your own avatar to place in your logo or on your page all about you

Add a Glog

Add a glog from Glogster straight from the widget

Linking to another file

How to link to external file so that it will open in that format i.e. Word, PowerPoint

Back up and Export

How to back up your wiki and export it to your computer

Archive years work

Instead of deleting the years work, archive it by renaming it