Embedding Google Docs in a wiki

On your Google Doc, go to the Share button and where it says Private, click on the Change linkprivatess.PNG

sharingsettings.PNG Choose Public on the Web. If you want people to only view it make sure that 'Can View' is selected.

Other access that is available is 'Can comment or Can edit'. Click Save.

The next dialogue box gives you the URL link to the document which you can also paste on your wiki if you want people to have access to the document for copying or editing purposes

links to share.PNG


Go to File and select 'Publish to the Web' Click on Start Publishing

publishto the web.PNGThen Click OKareyousure.PNG

Copy the Embed Code

publishing tot.PNG

Go to your Wiki, click on the Edit button to add the Google doc

Click on Widget and then click on Other, Paste the code, click OK

When you get the embed code for a Google Doc and embed it into a wiki


The Doc is only this big!

Just add an extra bit of code after the last "


You might find that you will have to play around with the width and height numbers until you get it absolutely right on the page!