As well as the tips on this page go to Web2.0 page for lots more widgets and gadgets to add to your blog.

Add a Picture to a Blog Title

Remove Navigation Bar If you are creating this blog for a class, you may want to remove the 'Navbar'. Students could click on 'Next Blog' and it might have inappropriate material, these instructions will remove the Navbar.

Useful Widgets

Here are some widgets other than the standard 'Blogger' Widgets that make your Blog special

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in your blog side panel


Add a Blidget

If you have more than one blog create a widget that will advertise your other blogs.

Tip once you have made Blidget, click on Save for later. Go to Widgets made. Click on Widget name, click on Get Widget, click on get Widget and copy code.

Free Blogger Templates


Jazz up your blog template

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Shabby Blogs: Download backgrounds, headers and buttons