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Home Page

One sentence that describes what is driving your wikisite

A single sentence with one idea 'learners in the classroom'

two statements says 'learners in the classroom and leaders of the future'

Make an animated banner

Home Page

A picture that represents your class


Insert a photograph

Adding Images

Add several images, some of which may have been photoedited

or if you have an iPad or iPod you could use some of the effects apps

Create your own avatars

Personalise page with colours and templates, remembering that complementary colours look best

Choose a template from Changing Themes and Colours

Personalise by changing the colours (look under the heading

You can click on Preview and Customise to make changes to the colours===Changing Themes and Colours===

Read about the 4 basic principles of design

Replace Wikispace Logo

Replace Logo with a text banner Change Wikispace logo

Replace Logo with a text banner or a Logo Banner

Change Wikispace logo

Navigation Panel

Add pages to Navigation Panel, order as they are created, Create a New Page

Add pages to Navigation Panel in the order that you want them Changing the Navigation Panel

Track the traffic

Add widgets

Hit counters

Cluster maps

Live traffic


Add a calendar to your homepage

Add a calendar widget to your side panel

Digital Citizenship/Cybersafety

Have link to Digital Citizenship page

We are Digital Citizens

Be aware of and discussed with students Digital Citizenship

Your wiki will contain



Links to pages

Add new links to your Navigation Panel Curriculum page links

Add links that are graphic buttons Create buttons in Navigation Panel

Links to websites

Hyperlink text to Websites

Hyperlink pictures to websites

Building Content through Collaborations

Link to a Google Page

Embed Wallwisher

Embed Google Docs

Communication and Collaboration

Use the discussion tab and talk about anything

Define topics, students are aware of Nettiquette

Presentation tools on wiki (Showcasing student work)

  • Copy/Paste typed work

  • Screen Capture published work and insert

  • Insert Photos of work

Upload Keynotes/PowerPoints/Word/Pages to Slideshare

Animated PowerPoint/Keynote in Slideboom


Timelines 'Dipity'

Mixbook 'just like a real book'

Data Collection

Questionnaires - Write Questions and students can answer on the wiki

Insert table


Google Forms


Google Docs

Classroom organisation

Term organisation

Statements and lists of times and dates

Google calendars, updating regularly

Google Apps and Tools

All things Google

More to do with Google





Adding maths links to pages
  • might have several different pages for each strand
  • games are related to appropriate level and strand
  • may have a separate wiki just for maths


Adding reading links to pages
  • might have several different pages for levels of reading
  • games are related to appropriate level and strand
  • may have a separate wiki just for reading
  • may have webquests


Adding writing links to pages
  • might have several different pages for writing genre
  • might have separate pages for grammar
  • may have a separate wiki just for writing


Adding spelling links to pages
  • has picture links to spelling activities
  • has downloadable resources for spelling activities
  • has spelling lists for week/term/year


Add links to Homework sheets by saving them as PDF files

Create Homework assessment tasks using Google Forms


has links to Topic sites
  • has Youtube moves
  • picture links to sites
  • uploaded PowerPoint or Keynotes introductions to topic


has links to Keyboarding games
  • has picture links to Keyboarding games
  • learning leves are clearly shown

Digital Citizenship

has links to movies and games
  • has Youtube movies
  • has picture links to suitable games

Student Pages

  • has link to a student page
  • 2 or 3 examples of student's work
  • page clearly managed by student
  • variety of published work displayed
  • may have link to own wiki or blog